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Norgeskaukatt Norwegian Forest Cats

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Breeder  of the majestic Norwegian Forest Cat   located in North Yorkshire (UK).

We have owned, exhibited and bred for the preservation of the traditional heavy boned Scandinavian bloodlines,

under the auspices of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy since 1999 and  the world renown Cat fancy FIFe.

We preserve and promote the traditional type Norwegian Forest Cat.

Our bloodlines are probably some of the oldest and rarest in the world now in terms of closest

to the first novice cats used in the early breeding program in Norway from the 70's -

 we have preserved them over the past 20 years.

We have Kittens..........We have Kittens..........We have Kittens..........


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NORGESKAUKATT THORFINNA at  12 WEEKS OLD  - lives in Cheltenham

In memory of Champion DK* Elkington's King of the Road - aka Odin

our wonderful foundation stud who has left his mark on our breeding cattery.

Deeply loved and very sadly missed. Rest in peace my sweet angel. I miss you every day.

21 March 2001 - 14th May 2011

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