Cat Harness - Cat Harness and Lead sets - Bespoke natural leather Cat Harness

 CAT Harness and Lead sets - Handmade naturally treated leather


Quality Bespoke Handmade Leather Cat Harness and Lead sets.

We also make cat collars see our link below.


Cat Harnesses are used for that extra security for handling purposes. This can be at the vets during examination, vetting in at cat shows as well as safe exercising of your cat , they love to go for a walk! Also a suitable means to give indoor cats much needed exercise. Over  weight cats also very much benefit from this form of exercise.

In the past we have used various types of harness  and found them all to be inadequate in some way. Usually the "D" ring that the lead is secured to is placed at the neck point of the harness - this serves to put pressure on the throat when the lead is tense, we place ours behind the shoulders. Other failings have  been they are not strong enough - or they are too narrow rendering no room for tension distribution. The fittings have been very inadequate having just plastic clips or slip buckles to which cats can snap or indeed escape out of.

As a result of these and many other things we decided to make our own.

The leathers  I use come in several colours the best is a natural  vegetable tanned "Kip" leather. Kip leather is the skin from the bovine species (cows),  this leather is soft and luxurious, and used by the best small leather goods manufacturers.  This leather is strong yet soft  used by falconers, also to line purses and wallets. Being naturally tanned there is no nasty chemicals involved. Cats being fastidious always lick their coats and many harnesses are dyed and the colour bleeds on to the coats.

You have the option of having the shoulder strap decorated with Genuine Swarovski Crystals on request for an extra 6.00 or a Swarovski crystal stud or two at a cost of 4.00 each. Images of these are below.

The Harness and leads are fully adjustable with extra length to make as close fitting as you wish. They are double riveted for extra strength.

They fit all cats from small to the larger breeds such as the Norwegian Forest cats and Maine Coons. Also suitable for rabbits, ferrets and small toy dogs.

The leads measure approximately 30 inches.

Please note that the Kip leather harnesses are not lacquered in any way and they will stain naturally over time.

We can make a harness to any size you require from young kittens through to overweight cats.


The price of the Harness and lead sets to the UK are 40.00  including standard  second class postage (no signature) and packing. If you require guaranteed tracked delivery this is an additional cost of  6.45. Price correct as of Jan 2018 and is changeable.

Harnesses without leads are 30.00 including postage and packing.

Please note: Recently a  previous harness had allegedly, not  been received by a customer due to loss in post.  Due to the  abuse and insults I received as a result - I will no longer accept responsibility for lost goods, you have a choice as you how you want your harness posted. I would recommend the guaranteed traceable delivery option. I do apologise for this and yes it only takes one bad experience to ruin it for good honest trustworthy people however, I am not prepared to accept this from anyone. and I will not deal with people of this nature.

 Swarovski crystal on the shoulder strap or decoration on the lead as well. Pictures to come soon and please ask for a quote for the decorated items.


Decorated Crystal fittings and Swarovski Crystal please ask for a quote.



To order please email us or give us a call.

Tel: 01677470854


Kip Leather

Brown Leather (not always available - depends on leather supplier)

Black Leather set.

Gold tone fittings.

Silver tone fittings

We now  make the following due to popular requests for alternative colours

Harnesses only:

Cream, Black, Ocean Blue, White ( textured) Burgundy, Bottle Green, Pillar Box Red, and

Crocodile Leather ( these are available under quote only)

Plain Harness with gold or silver tone fittings - 30.00 GBP including P & P


Ocean Blue

Bottle Green



Pillar box red ( Image coming soon)

Example of a small kitten harness in any colour available.

Swarovski Crystal elements.

Here is an example of a collar and lead set made for a tiny Marmoset Primate.

Example of a decorated Dog Collar and Lead set

Harness shoulder strap decoration.

Swarovski Crystal element studs

4.00 each stud.

Select any colour combination you like.

Decorated Gold or Silver plated Swarovski Crystal please ask for a quote the usual price is 6.00 per row, however some crystal is very rare for example the round,baguette or princess cut.

Below are more chain colour samples

A few of our previous customers cats.

Freddie - Maine Coon

Puddle - Possible Norwegian Forest Cat

Jackson - Domestic Shorthair

Norgeskaukatt Thor - Our Own Norwegian Forest Cat

Swarovski Crystal Element cat collars - made for cats and kittens, small toy dogs, ferrets and rabbits.

Coming soon


We post using recorded signed for delivery.

We will ship internationally please email us for postage fees

To order please email us or give us a call.

Tel: 01677470854

Please note: this is not a business venture - it is a hobby with any profits donated to cat charitable organisations.

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