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We are in our 20th year of breeding.
Veterinary inspected, approved and recommended.
WE do not sell our kittens with an option of breeding from unless they are specifically sold for this purpose.
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We now have new babies born  16th September

enquiries now taken.

Ready for new homes from 12th December 2019

Sire: Norgeskaukatt Proveho
Dam: Norgeskaukatt Abeliah Landlady of KT
Date of Birth: 12th September 2019

Ready for new homes from 12th December 2019

Black Classic Tabby

3 weeks old


Black Classic Tabby

3 weeks old


Sire: Wardrunasson av Norgeskaukatt * GB
Dam: Haralda av Norgeskaukatt * GB
Date of Birth: 16th September 2019

Ready for new homes from 12th December 2019

Black Classic Tabby Male

3 1/2 weeks old


Black Mackerel Tabby Male

3 1/2 weeks old


Black Mackerel  Tabby  & White Male

3 1/2 weeks old


Black Classic Tabby & White  Female

3 1/2 weeks old


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We breed Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens from the oldest bloodlines we can find from Scandinavia to preserve them as close to the old original type as we can, producing  large boning, good coat quality, gentle temperament and maintaining the important wild expression.

WE believe in keeping and promoting this majestic cat as it once was.

The minimum age for kittens to leave  for new homes is 14 weeks this is to allow for their immune systems to be fully functional after their core vaccines (as per the vaccine companies recommendations).

Our kittens are home raised with the security of trust and kindness in the human hand and mind from the day they are born.

They will only go to homes that follow this path for their future.


Before requesting one of our kittens please read the terms at the bottom of this page and also do read the "Buying a Kitten" for useful information about what to look for and  the differences sadly of how some breeders are changing the breed. 


Sometimes we do run on litters  to enable us to select for future breeding stock when our queens are retiring. This is to  further  the gene pool and continue the traditional bloodlines of the original type. At these times you may see older kittens available after we have made our choice.


We do from time to time have some older kittens or young adults for sale. These are kittens we have ran on for up to 3 years to asses their breeding quality as we breed to preserve the old bloodlines. Sometimes they do not make the top breeding grade and this can be for many different reasons  some are just not up to it in terms of having a too soft temperament :-) Boys need to be very bold and confident and girls also need to be able to stand up to a rugged male :-) Some just want to be cuddled lol

So if you would like an older kitten or young adult then please email for details.

Watch a video our Wonderful Norgeskaukatt Magnus ( 5 months old ), who lives in Italy  first walk in the snow!

Thank you James and Sinead for the video he looks lovely. Click on his photo  below.

 Terms and Conditions

Our kittens are sold to appropriate owners  that show a lifetime commitment to their welfare.

  • We DO NOT sell kittens to free roam - they are indoor preferably with cat proofed gardens.

  • We take 200 gbp deposit  (see our terms for reservation below) to secure kittens.

  • "Under Assessment" - we are assessing the kitten for breeding quality

  • "On Hold" -  interest shown but no deposit yet received so potentially still available

  • "Reserved" - deposit  accepted and kitten is no longer available

  • Our Kittens  leave us at  minimum 13 -15  weeks old.

  • We look for appropriate owners who show a lifetime commitment to the kittens and a  kitten contract is agreed and signed.  Should Owners no longer want their kittens they will not  get a refund. Our kittens are not sold on a "try and see" basis. The only exception to this will be if a kitten has a serious health issue which is proven by a Vet letter and this is covered in our kitten contract, in the rare circumstances that this may happen  we will offer you another kitten.

  • Our kittens  will be  registered or declared with the GCCF or with FIFe.

  • WHITE Kittens  for breeding are BAER (Hearing) tested.

  • Kittens have preventative  treatment   for endo and ecto parasites.

  • They are fully litter trained and well socialised

  • *They are vaccinated for their core vaccines & micro-chipped.

  • We can offer a 4/5  week insurance  for your kitten  although we do not recommend them.  You may wish to choose your own Insurance company that will provide a lifetime cover at a more affordable price with better benefits. Please let us know if you require the insurance.

  • Our Vet visits us therefore preventing stress on the kittens when tiny.

  • Before they are due to leave us they will be given a thorough health check by our veterinary surgeon who will then issue a Veterinary Health Certificate.

  • Breeding/show cats  are accompanied with GCCF registration documentation and transfer of ownership.

  • All kittens have a 5 generation pedigree.

  • All kitten owners are expected to sign a contract with us to agree their future welfare and to promote responsible ownership (this contract is  based on the GCCF contract).

  • We provide a full back up service for support and advice for the duration of the kittens lives.

  • Should any of our kitten owners have a change of circumstances whereby they can no longer provide for the kitten/cat then we ask for the kitten / cat to be returned to us.  **

  • We will not allow for any of our  kittens to be resold or re-homed and certainly not go to a rescue establishment.

  • All kittens sold as pets will be either declared or in the case of wanting to show registered on the non-active register which means that no progeny will be registered. Registration documents are sent once their neutering certificates have been received by ourselves.

  • WE do not sell our kittens with an option of breeding from them unless they   specifically sold for this purpose.

Terms for Reservation

We do not hold kittens without a deposit.

We  do not believe in a non refundable deposit across the board like some breeders demand because their are often circumstances that prove this unfair.

Our terms for deposits are as follows:

1) When a deposit is  paid to reserve a Kitten/Cat BEFORE viewing then both parties reserve the right to withdraw from the reservation should all not be well and comfortable with either party at the time of the first visit,  a full refund will be issued in the manner it was paid.

2) Should the prospective owner change their mind on the Kitten/Cat AFTER the first  viewing and acceptance of the Kitten/Cat from that visit and a deposit paid, then the deposit is non - refundable.

3) Should the breeder change their mind about the Sale and subsequent reservation of a Kitten/Cat BEFORE/DURING/or AFTER visitation then an alternative Kitten/Cat will be offered or the deposit will be refunded in the manner it was paid.

4) Should anything serious regarding the health of such Kitten/Cat during the time of reservation and before collection occur then either an alternative kitten will be offered or a full refund will be given in the manner it was paid.

WE promote responsible breeding and kitten ownership.

ALL breeders with Cats at other catteries from Norgeskaukatt Bloodlines are registered with the GCCF  or Felis Britannica (FIFe) , this is one of our conditions of sale.

* Please read our Buying a kitten page for important information regarding core Vaccinations.

** Please note that on very rare occasion  our bred cats are returned to us due to owners change of circumstances - we do NOT resell these cats/kittens.  They are not a commodity.

We do however, request that any new owner of a returned cat make a donation to The Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue and Welfare Society or a cat health organisation of their choice and also the new owners will be required to sign a kitten/cat contract with us.

When kittens are reserved we remove them from the website.

We  only advertise on this, our own cattery website .  We take much pride in the health and welfare of our kittens and we do not and will not advertise on  free add websites (pets4homes - gumtree - preloved and the likes) that are full of adverts from back yard breeders selling cheap , unvaccinated kittens and cross breeds, some more expensive than a full breed pedigree and being too young to leave their mums.
Our cattery will not be associated with any of them.


It has come to the attention of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders in the UK that kittens are currently being offered, through magazine advertisements and the internet pet for sale and pets 4 homes site in particular , to members of the public by some ‘backyard breeders’, at discounted prices. However these kittens may not be the bargain they appear to be as some of the kittens are un-vaccinated, underage and sold without pedigree's. We would strongly urge all prospective purchasers of all pedigree kittens to ensure that their kitten is healthy, at least 13 weeks of age, has had the full course of vaccinations, comes complete with a full pedigree., and has been bred and cared for by a knowledgeable and experienced dedicated REGISTERED breeder. There are also cross breeds of Norwegian Forest Cats selling for sometimes more than a full pedigree breed, this is a definite no no in this breed. Norwegian Forest cats are not man made breeds they evolved naturally in Norway. Cross breeding is neither a forest cat or any other breed - it is a domestic moggie, and although moggies are certainly lovely they do not command the prices a pedigree cat does because the breeding of them is no where near the same. Back street breeders are doing this to make a quick buck , with selling so called pedigree kittens at cheap or top prices. They are not paying out for stud fees - for vaccinations - for parasite treatments or genetic testing and I doubt they are paying out for good quality veterinary care and diet. Responsible breeders do not sell kittens to be bred from by anyone unless they are specifically sold for that reason. I had a call only last week by someone who had purchased a so called NFC kitten at 8 weeks of age - sadly the kitten became ill five days later and died. This is the sort of thing that frequently happens when kittens are not vaccinated. Vaccinations are only administered at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age therefore they should not be sold by anyone before they have had at least a week after their vaccinations to recover - hence the 13 weeks old time for them to go to their new homes.

So please be aware, you could end up with serious problems.- and also perpetuating the awful back street breeding!


Now in our 20th year of owning exhibiting and breeding this wonderful breed and now approaching a time when some our foundation breeding cats will begin to be neutered/spayed. This is sad for us in one way but happy in another in that they have produced some outstanding progeny to continue the bloodlines forward. They will stay with us for life of course! Therefore over the next couple of years we have decided to run on a few of our bred kittens with a view to selecting  our next generation of  breeding cats. All of them will not make this level for various reasons. We will only select the very best with attributes to further the quality of the breed and who will contribute to even better progeny. We gain from this in two ways - firstly we can watch their  development carefully and select only the best for breeding and secondly we get to keep our kittens a little  longer :-)

As a result you may see occasionally, an older kitten which we call an adolescent available. These will already be neutered or spayed before they leave us. They will settle well into a new home. Some people like to have an older kitten as they are established in their character and behaviour and people can see what they are getting rather than wait through the young kitten stage.

We are now probably the longest standing breeder in the UK  with breeding the  White Forest cats.. Our white line originated from  a lovely female born 1995 from the very first white import into the UK from Denmark -  a 3rd generation old bloodline named Håakon Rein Felis Jubatus   imported into the Kyrrekatt cattery by the late Eileen Hancock. In our opinion this was a most fabulous boy with many qualities and one of the best white lines in the UK. We have produced  very large cats from this line and mostly with excellent coat quality. Only very few  have been affected with hearing impairment - 5 to date.

This year we will  retain from advertising some our kittens until they are a minimum of 9 weeks old. This is in order that we run on the litters to select the best to continue our work for the breed. Over the years we have taken deposits on kittens at a much younger age and found that many that have gone for pet homes are such good breeding quality. Our bloodlines are now pretty scarce and need to be preserved, for if not, this old and traditional large boned breed will start to disappear.

Sometimes kittens will be listed as breeding quality which makes them available for carefully selected breeders, however, pet homes are also considered as we do feel that in some cases pet homes are better in terms of lifestyle the cats can have. Also kittens may  be available specifically  for breeding cats that  will go on to further the breed and retain the old traditional type. We do not have "pet quality" kittens as the term implies an inferior quality which here is not the case. Some breeders deem "pet quality" kittens are ones with faults, or lacking the correct quality for the breed, which of course is correct under this term, however, our kittens are free from faults. They are all traditional old type Skogkatt's some are just better than others in terms of size and coat quality. and the important wild expression. The temperaments of our kittens are second to none as all our kittens owners state.

When purchasing a Norwegian Forest Kitten from a breeder in the UK  make sure the kitten is  registered or declared with The GCCF,  FIFe. or TICA. Registration and declaration verifies the kitten has a genuine pedigree, the parents are who they are supposed to be and also that the breeder is  responsible enough to prevent indiscriminate breeding practices.

  • All kittens from Norgeskaukatt Breeding Cats are registered or declared with GCCF or FIFe.

  • All white kittens for breeding are BAER Tested ( hearing tested)

  • No white kittens are used or sold for breeding unless they have full hearing status.

  • We do not believe in breeding from deaf  or unilateral hearing white cats as we have been advised breeding from hearing impaired cats  increases the hearing defect in  any subsequent kittens.

  • We only sell kittens to indoor homes or homes with cat proofed gardens/ cat enclosures. Free roaming is not an option - the safety and welfare of our kittens are of the utmost importance so.... if you want a Norwegian Forest Cat to have the freedom to go out as and when it pleases then please don't contact us as you will be disappointed.

We do however, relax this criteria if they are to go to more remote dwellings, for example private owned estates, farms, small holdings and small Island based areas.

These cats are bold and fearless and in the Norwegian literature it states " no matter how well provided for these cats are, if they are of a mind to wander off they will do so" many of these cats are killed in RTA's before reaching the age of 1 year old - and this statement is correct.

We breed our kittens to have a full happy and safe  life.


We have built a second large cat garden. The kittens can benefit from the outside world to play and get plenty of fresh air and stimulation during the day when the weather is nice, they love it!

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