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About The Norwegian Forest Cat

On this page you will see some of our bred kittens in their new homes across the world some as pets and some as breeding cats at catteries meeting our approval.

This is a special page to us as we feel honoured at a request to export our babies to continue the important bloodlines that carry the characteristics needed in preserving the original qualities of this breed. However, we do not export to everyone - they have to be very special people who are committed to their breeding cats for life, as we are. Anyone who re-homes ex breeding cats will not have one of ours. All breeders abroad are required to provide their Veterinary details in order we can obtain a reference.

Export enquiries please read our "Importing one of our kittens" page for details.


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  Austria Australia  Denmark

Norgeskaukatt HRH Princess


Norgeskaukatt Lyfia


Norgeskaukatt Amour

    Finland   France   France

Norgeskaukatt Bjørnstjerne


Norgeskaukatt Lille Stjerne


Norgeskaukatt Nadiadottir

  France    Germany    Germany

Norgeskaukatt Sinarah


Champion Norgeskaukatt Isnana


Norgeskaukatt Casyopaya

    Best in Show Germany
   Germany    Germany  

Norgeskaukatt Torodin


Norgeskaukatt Kjærlig

  Hawaii   Iceland           Israel


Norgeskaukatt Rimfrost


Norgeskaukatt Dana


Norgeskaukatt   Bergelmir


          Israel           Israel    Japan


Norgeskaukatt Argenteus


Norgeskaukatt Succession


Norgeskaukatt Skvalabarn



   Japan    Kuwait    Kuwait

Norgeskaukatt Iria


Norgeskaukatt Gargantuan


Norgeskaukatt Klarsomsno



   Kuwait Netherlands    Norway

Norgeskaukatt  Diplomat


Norgeskaukatt Snorre


Champion  Norgeskaukatt Isbjørn




   Norway    Norway Portugal

Norgeskaukatt Alfrrun


Norgeskaukatt Ragnfridr


Norgeskaukatt Avante - Garde



Photo taken 3rd December 2016 with Ina Selte & Else Nylund (Pans cattery and  Mother of the Skogkatt in Norway).  Else was very happy to see Ragnfridr.

   Russia    Singapore    South Africa

Norgeskaukatt Skvala Edel


Norgeskaukatt Trygvee


Norgeskaukatt Queen Aslaug

  Spain   Spain   Spain

Norgeskaukatt Vanpelt


Norgeskaukatt Norse Raider


Norgeskaukatt Sunniva



  Switzerland    Taiwan    Taiwan

Norgeskaukatt Oberon


Norgeskaukatt Thorgills


Norgeskaukatt Nina

Zambia Zambia  

Norgeskaukatt Jarlborg


Norgeskaukatt Marah



   Arkansas    Arkansas Massachusets
Norgeskaukatt Tyre Norgeskaukatt Ms Skadi Norgeskaukatt Loki



Norgeskaukatt Hermodr


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