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This year we are going to double the size of the cat garden. The cattery units are insulated and heated should they choose to stay outside.
Here is half of it as it is now - the stud runs are further to the right and the remaining half of the cat garden is behind the photographer :-)
We Now have a brand new main Cat Garden photos to come as soon as I have some spare time.

Enjoying the sunshine March 2011

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Cats love the garden and they are feeding on raw rabbit in this shot which is their favourite food.

This photo was taken by Alex Svirskey   from Israel in March 2011 on his visit to us with  Ran to collect two babies from us. Alex already has a cat bred by us named Bergelmir who was the first NFC in Israel.

A bespoke outdoor aerobic centre been installed  April 2011 - thank you Keith it is fantastic and exceptionally well made.

6 ft high - 4 foot wide.

Bespoke 6ft outdoor scratch pole installed March 2011

Rotating scratch post installed March 2011 - Tara testing it out.

Winter 2009

Summer 2009 building the new runs.

Stud runs

Now for lots of shelves and of course the cat nip garden

Getting there the 12 foot panels took some working on though

John working on the stud pens

Proving to be a challenge I think!


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