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We are Lorraine and John, we live in a small and very beautiful  village in  North Yorkshire, England.


Most of our independent adult lives has been centred around  the welfare and rescue of both cats and dogs which includes owning and working in related professions. I - Lorraine have been involved in the rescue and welfare of cats for 30 years (ouch)  Although my working career involved accounting and auditing, in most part, I have always had a very active involvement with the feline community, working with the Cats Protection League for a few years as well as  voluntary work for the RSPCA. Most of the cat rescue and welfare over the years has been done as a private commitment fully funded by myself. Many hundreds of cats have been found  or handed in abandoned, injured, or some way neglected and  have been nursed back to health, neutered, vaccinated then re homed to permanent homes. A move in career working at a Veterinary Surgery was my most enjoyable employment.

1995 came the move from the South of England to the North. I have continued  rescue work and spent some years studying for a Bachelor of Science in animal related subjects. The areas of exam pass have been - Animal Biology, Micro Biology, Brain - Form, Function and Behaviour, Animal Physiology, The Immune System, Histology, Living Processes, Genetics, Evolution, Human Health and Disease, Society and Social Science, The Human Genome Project. In the last year of my course I decided to take a break and concentrate on the Forest Cat research. Courses will be resumed at a later date to complete the degree. In my spare time I am a  web /graphic designer and make quality leather cat harnesses and leads, designer Swarovski Crystal Cat Collars and I also have a keen interest in the purchase and sale of quality gemstone jewellery.

Cats have always been a very important part and away of life for me from a very young age - and will always continue to be so. I am the Welfare Officer for The Norwegian Forest Cat Society.


Another hobby is Jaguar Cars and being a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club.
Well, it is a cat after all :-)


John has  trained, worked and shown dogs from a very early age. His love of dogs inspired his working career as a  Police Dog Handler with the Civilian Police Force, moving on to become a Specialist Search Dog Handler with the Ministry of Defence. After many years he wanted to work for himself with  his own dogs. He became a Security Officer for Virgin Records and London Weekend Television and a  Personal Bodyguard  to wealthy Arab Businessmen, Kate Bush, Tom Bell, Roald Dahl and many other dignitaries. Another change in Career came when the Dangerous Dogs Act  enforcement legislation came in. This was when he became a Dog Warden for a Local Authority and qualified as an Animal Health Inspector amongst other things. John, now a fully fledged cat man too :-) has  privately trained dogs and rehabilitated unwanted dogs ready for new homes and has now returned to training working dogs with the MOD.


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