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First Cats to Denmark

1976 was the year when the first NFO named "SIDSER" came to Denmark

Seldom cat has got kittens
By nils
Cut from: Politiken October 1982

The seldom and exciting NFO, which for quite a few years ago nearly disappeared as race due to breeding with the normal house cats, is spreading in homeland Norway and in Denmark, where the breed’s first queen ten weeks ago gave birth to her and Denmark’s second litter of forest cats.  In 1975 the  Norwegian Forest Cat federation started to "purebreed" the race. In 1976 Vibeke Poulsen imported the first norwegian forest cat Sidser to Denmark, and it has now got kittens for the second time

The cat, which has a waterproof fur, exists just in 25 examples in Denmark, and one kitten costs today approx. 2000 kr. And in addition we are sure in geting a seldom cat, because the Germans have just 15 to twenty and the same with the Dutch, while the stock now is counting 700 in homeland Norway.

When I told my husband that I would like to have a cat, he tried to avoid it to say that in so case it should be a NFO, says Vibeke Poulsen

What her hussband forgot was that Vibeke’s mother in law – his own mother – easy could get one. In this way started the import of NFO to Denmark and one cat grew to many at Vibeke’s in Charlottenlund.   

All Vibeke’s NFO’s have names
from the Norwegian saga.
Here she shows Denmark’s very
first NFO Sidser with one of
her ten weeks old kittens.
  Cats could be many objects
By Anders-P.
Cut from: Politiken 9. February 1984
Photo: Erik Petersen

If you like cats, but feel that the normal Danish house cat is too boring, please get a NFO. It looks like a small lynx, is big, has strong teeth and is able to run very far away. When it’s running in darkness, it looks like a fox with its long, high lifted and shaggy tail. It may seems to be like a predator, but it isn’t, on the other hand  it’s a social family cat, that Vibeke Poulsen from Copenhagen has lost her home and heart to.. She has imported the race to Denmark. It is her “fault” that  there are 50 NFO’s in country, and she is joining a northern cooperation to prevent that cat race to die out. --- It is a coincidence that I became a “cat mother” for NFO’s, says Vibeke Poulson. we should have a cat, my husband  knew the forest cat from Norway. And we got the first cat of the breed imported to Denmark. We got three more cats, and now we do have eight main cat-inhabitants in our house

The NFO has been living as wild in Norway.  Once upon a time we thought that it was something between dog and cat and they are often confused with lynx. But this cat was threatened by extermination because it was mixed/bred with a normal house cat. A breeding between NFO and house cat gives almost always house cat kittens, and suddenly discovered people in Norway that the national cat was threatened with extinction. They started “rescue action” and today the stock contains of 1000 cats. This evening she will repeat the story in TV’s Dus and Dyrene.

Vibeke Poulsen with her
NFO Børste.


It is fully grown up, weighs 9 kilos
and love to eat forest pigeons.


Meet Vibeke Poulsen and the forest cats in
(together with the an

9. February 1984

This evening was the NFO presented by Poul Thomsen and VibekePoulsen.
Included in the study was the kittens birth (that was) filmed to the broadcasting.

"Se og Hør" magazine has this day also been visiting the study in Århus to write about the broadcasting "Dus med dyrene".

In the picture we can also see in addition to two of the kittens Torvmyra’s Lycra, Sidser and Balder’s basket is occupied by Soltario.

The text to the picture reads - The cats are rather not Poul Thomsens favorite, even if it looked like it when he was helping the breeder Vibeke Poulsen to collect the animals after broadcast on Thursday! 









If you would like to see the History of the NFC along with the correct and Traditional look then please view this Youtube video




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