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Maysula Ketilla

Date of Birth: 23 May 2008

NFO n  22

Black Classic Tabby

by Genetic testing 17 July 2015

GSD IV  - Negative

PK Def  - Negative

DOES NOT CARRY AMBER  COLOUR (E/E) - formerly known as the "x-colours".


Sire: Norgeskaukatt Prince Norgeskaukatt Kala



March 2011


Maysula Ketilla was bred by Doreen Dobson of Maysula cattery UK. We call her KT and she is a full sib mating on Tigra and Odins bloodlines.

The reason we wanted this was to concentrate on preserving the strong type and bone structure of both parents and this has been achieved. KT is a lovely girl very strong in type and is a wonderful mum to her babies. Very protective, more than the average I would say and she talks to her babies all the time :-) She certainly nurses and cares for them until the day they leave - so much like her grandmother its uncanny.

We are extremely pleased with her and Thank you Doreen for allowing us to have the lines concentrated and of course KT too!

16 weeks old


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