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Fife Champion (N) Selteteigen's Magnhildr

Date of Birth: 8th August 2004    --  Black Classic Tabby

Magnhildr is from Algarheim in Norway. A  5th generation forest cat with good old pedigree lines ,

a wonderful temperament, best coat quality  and an amazing tail!

Magnhildr also has Pan's Truls (who set the standard of the breed in Norway all those years ago) in her 7th generation making her a very special cat indeed. This can be viewed in her extended pedigree ( link below)

We can never thank her Ina breeder enough for this very special girl.

Magnhildr has stunning babies with the best coat quality I have seen .

Thank you so much Ina for this wonderful female - her quality of breeding is not found often!


Previous Litters ( coming soon)


Sire: GIC (N) Selteteigen's Gille

NFO ns 22 Silver Classic Tabby

One of the most amazing cats I have seen

  Dam: (N) Selteteigen's Inga Toinidatter

NFO n 22 - Black Classic Tabby










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