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Tigra de la Cachouteba

Date of Birth: 27 April 2002   --  Black Silver Mackerel Tabby


Now retired from Breedng

Sire: EC S* Black Islands Zappa

Black silver blotched tabby
Date of Birth: 01.03.1996

10 BIS - 11-BIV - 6 Nominations
Top-Ten France 1997 : 1 adult
Skogkatt of the Year 1997: 4 adult
Skogkatt of the Year 1996: 5 kitten

  Dam: EC (N) Steigar Luna

Black and white
Date of Birth:16.05.1995

1 Best of Best - 8 BIS - 10 BIV - 9 Nominations
Top-Ten France 1997 : 4 adult
Best of Best PARIS 1997
Skogkatt of the Year 1996 : 4 adult


Tigra  is a 3rd generation girl (almost impossible to find across the world now) came to live with us February 2003 from France.

We had booked Tigra before she was born and we are overjoyed with her and her special wild feral looking expression, an absolute beauty with a wonderful temperament, lovely type and good strong size.

Thank you so much Genevieve. Tigra is more than very special to us and over the years of having the sheer pleasure of owning her she has proven a wonderful mother to the point of stealing other queens babies when she herself has none, she has certainly excelled all my expectations.

I adore her.

Tigra September 2010

Tigra September 2009

Tigra September 2008

Tigra September 2007

Tigra September 2006

Tigra September 2005

Tigra September 2004

in call !

Tigra September 2003

9days after coming to live with us still a little strange for her but getting used to her new home.

Tigra's first day  with us looking quite worried and to be expected.

Tigra growing up in France







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