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Sire:       Gismo 00-21

Dam:      (N) Laksjøens Synne


Date of Birth: 21st March 2001

Breed No: NFO n 09 22

Black Classic Tabby & White

Imported from:  Denmark

Stud Status: Closed

Pet Name:  ODIN

5th Generation forest cat  imported from Denmark

HCM Normal  (August 2008)


Odin was imported from Denmark. He attained his championship status in four shows and now holds one Grand Champion Certificate and a couple of Reserve's. Odin is outstanding quality and an excellent example of the old traditional type of this breed. Along with a very gentle and affectionate temperament he is a heavy boned  very large boy. He is my pride and joy - his temperament is so sweet natured. He will give up his food for the queens and his kittens and he is very much involved with the socialising of his babies. He washes them and lays with them to keep them warm and when they are old enough to run around he teaches them the skills they need. It is lovely to observe.

 Odin  is everything I wanted in a male cat and more. From a breeding perspective he proved his worth from the very first litter.He produces very big kittens no matter which queen he is mated with.

Due to the old Norwegian lineage of his pedigree has hardly been used along with his father Gismo 00-21 in Denmark, his lines will be protected.

Odin has always been closed stud however given his age now we may well change this status sometime this year to invitation only for tested and screened queens.

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September 2009 - aged 9 1/2 years old and out on his harness watching erection of the new cat gardens.


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